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Dependent on Ministry of Education, Central Vocational School began its education in 1976-1977 academic year with 176 students from Electric, Constructure, Engine and Economy departments. Together with the foundation of the Council of Higher Education in 1982, it continued its educational activities under Ataturk University. Since then, based on the law proposing the foundation of Erzincan University in 2006, it has been going on giving education under Erzincan University.
The current number of the students for 2014 academic year is 2861. The total number of the students studied at VS since the year of foundation, 1976, has been 17645 and the number of the graduates is 9948.
There are 13 departments under VS and a total of 26 programmes 19 of which are formal education and the other 7 of evening education.
Our school hosts 57 academic and 26 administrative staff. The academic staff is constituted of 16 associates and 41 instructors. Our school also receives support from the other academic staff who are under Erzincan University.
Most of the academic staff at our school, which is within the scope of the Council of Higher Education and World Bank Project, have participated in foreign educational studies.
Each atelier and laboratory has been equipped with modern instruments for each programme at our school with that project, as well. All the theorical and applied information necessary for the sectors of industry, commerce and labour are given through a comprehensive programme within the 2 years of education.