Mevlana Exchange Program, which is completely funded by Turkish Government and coordinated by Higher Education Council through turkish Universities, is an exchange program that finances mobility of both incoming and outgoing faculty members and students. Legal base of the program was founded in 2011 and in March 2013 the program was initiated with the first meeting that took place in Ankara. Turkish Universities are responsible for introduction of the program to the international universities whose equivalence is recognized by Turkish Higher Education Council (HEC) as well as for faculty and student exchange. In our university, the program started at the beginning of March 2013 right after signature of bilateral agreements with Kazakh Universities and the calendar of exchange was announced as declared by HEC. Erzincan University holds the interest in different international universities from Japan to the USA. Therefore, this year, the University has had several meetings with universities in US, Azerbaidjan and Kazakhistan and is still working on enlargement of  the network. Mevlana Exchange Program is unprecedented in that the program funds incoming students and facult members.