Distinguished Erzincan University Family,

   First of all, I would like to express my gratitude and deepest feelings for those who have brought newly founded Erzincan University, which has a great interest in rapid development to the point where it is today.

   Universities taking into consideration existence of universality as a base are the institutions that contribute to provision of humanity with contemporary knowledge and skills, its development and transformation in accordance with its mission. Such institutions are expected to educate and supply generations to fulfill their defined duties and responsibilities and to be contemporary and hopeful about their future. Everyone is to implement what is expected to be done to move forward our university based on universal values.

   Dear Youth,

   I should emphasize that we are on an auspicious path. Each member of Erzincan University family is therefore of great value for us on this path. All that is done is highly esteemed. With this consciousness and concentration on this belief, there would not be any difficulty that we could not overcome. In overcoming the problems, we will get strength from our partners. We will focus on solution and not on causing troubles. Lack of dialogue and misunderstanding are two most important diseases resulting in death of society that have to be cured. So, we will never go astray from culture of compromise. Everyone’s reference is the quality of his duty. We are the children of this land and have obligations to complement. We will work harder and harder to complete our debts to this country and to not regret in the future.

   We will cooperate to meet the needs and expectations of Erzincan University, region’s conditions and expectations where you have come with your family support and your own efforts with the help of all units and institutions. Our target should always be higher.

   In our university with a vision of becoming Una Universa Academia in Anatolia, we will keep a large umbrella with a shadow that is beyond our country. All in all, all of us and our university are entrusted to one another. We will leave with proper pride when leaving from here upon submitting this trust. The one that is the winner will be our university, Erzincan and our country.

   With love and respect


Prof. Dr. Ilyas CAPOGLU